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The Landol Law Firm concentrates its practice in the representation of Community Associations but the firm also handles contract disputes, contract negotiations, landlord/tenant matters, real estate, commercial collections and various other matters.

Landol Firm also has relationships with excellent attorneys who can assist with any issues involving personal injury, criminal, family, probate trusts & wills, corporate and traffic matters.




Condominium and homeowners associations have broad responsibilities and a wide variety of legal obligations. In most cases, board members are volunteers who are looking to build a better community and satisfy a diverse group of unit owners, some of whom have competing interests. Skillful counsel from an attorney with a detailed understanding of applicable laws helps associations handle both routine tasks and unexpected challenges. 

The Landol Law Firm, PA has been assisting Condominium and Homeowner Associations with maintaining a stream of revenue via fair and efficient collection procedures, ensuring contractor and vendor compliance by assisting with reviewing and negotiating contracts, drafting/ amending governing documents, covenant enforcement, legal opinions and with the daily operation and administration of their communities and many more matters to list.

The Landol Law Firm will ensure that your Condominium or Homeowner Association:
  • Maintains a proper revenue stream via fair and efficient collection procedures

  • Contractor and vendor compliance by assisting with reviewing and negotiating contracts,

  • Has an effective set of Governing Documents and Rules and Regulations by assisting with  drafting and amending governing documents 

  • Maintaining compliance of the Governing Documents by assisting with covenant enforcement

  • Is aware of its rights and limitations by providing the board of directors with advice and legal opinions and by assisting with the daily operation and administration of their communitiesand many more matters to list.

  • Does the attorney take calls and questions or do I always have to speak with his assistant?
    Most Emails and phone calls are responded to the same day.
  • Sometimes I don't understand the legal jargon attorneys use and I find myself more confused after speaking with them.
    Our clients can always expect the most practical advice in everyday language (not legalese).
  • Can I expect to be billed on every email and phone call?
    Unless the phone conversation is on a specific matter don’t expect to be billed. We encourage you to call anytime.
  • Does the Landol Law Firm require an expensive monthly retainer payment?
    No annual retainers. Pay as you go.
  • Can we track the cases we have in legal online?
    Yes. The firm has an online portal where you can track what we are doing through our online 24/7 status reports. No more being left in the dark or mystery bills.
  • Should I expect to pay a lot services?
    The Landol Law Firm, PA has some of the lowest rates and costs in the industry.
  • How long can I expect the firm to open a new case?
    The Landol Law Firm has fast turn-around times. Files are typically opened within 24 hours.
  • What if the firm is too far or I cannot make it out to visit the lawyer?
    If you cannot visit us, we can travel to see you.
  • How long have the attorneys at Landol Law Firm been practicing law?
    All supervising attorneys each have over 15 years of experience in Community Association Law and they are always striving for the most efficient way to handle your legal matters.
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