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The Landol Firm drafts, interprets and enforces covenants governing homeowners associations, making sure that terms comply with Chapter 720 of the Florida Statutes and other legal provisions. We represent and help homeowners associations with all types of challenges, including:

  • Covenant Violations - Residential associations cannot survive without enforcement of their governing documents. Still, many members pursue individual exceptions, even in court. I advise board members and staff on the best practices for ensuring compliance with their covenants and restrictions.

  • Collections Issues - Required dues often go unpaid because of financial issues or as a protest of an association policy. Collections must be addressed immediately to avoid greater damage to both the unit owner and the association. In my experience, waiting until the debt gets too large creates a burden for the owner and also to the budget. A clear and consistent collection policy is always key to keeping delinquencies low. I help board members and property managers manage the collection process professionally and efficiently.

  • Member Complaints - Minor quibbles about conditions and rules can quickly turn into protracted disputes that prevent associations from completing their goals. I can address these concerns promptly before greater problems ensue.



Sam Landol specializes in foreclosure-defense work and provides legal services to individuals and companies. 

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