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The Landol Law Firm has some of the lowest prices in the industry but with great results and communication it is his repeat business that keeps that makes us successful.


Chapter 718 of the Florida Statutes contains strict provisions that govern the creation and oversight of condominiums, and the state recently increased unit owners & powers to take on their associations. The Landol Law Firm provides thorough and affordable legal representation in all types of matters, including:

  • Association Governance - Election and Board Meeting packages, Review of Governing Documents, Amendment of Governing Documents, Budgetary Concerns, etc.

  • Service Provider Contracts - Bringing in the right service providers to maintain common areas and units is a key aspect of running an effective condominium association. Sam makes sure that contracts are fair and not one-sided, enforceable and compliant with other provisions. If a breach occurs, Sam will take immediate action to obtain appropriate relief on behalf of his clients.

  • Adherence to Rules - The best way to avoid conflicts over condominium agreements is to create a concise set of rules that are fair and well-grounded in Florida law. Sam is constantly working with board members and property managers to draft, interpret and enforce rules that are suited to each community's specific values and needs.

  • Property Damage and Insurance Issues - In cases arising from common-area conditions, problems affecting multiple units, or single instances of property damage, Sam can help associations file insurance claims and work to hold unit owners and others accountable for the harm they've caused.

  • Fees, Liens and Collections - Every association's goal is to have a balanced budget with steady revenues. When owners fail to maintain their financial obligations, everyone is affected. Sam uses the most effective means to secure the required payments.

As a volunteer or an employee with numerous other responsibilities, Board members cannot be expected to know the details of Florida Condominium laws or the enforcement techniques employed by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation. Our firm is here to explain legal issues in a clear manner and deliver skillful guidance so that you can conserve resources, avoid problems and concentrate on making your residential community even better.

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